10.5"X10yd Poly/Faux Jute Mesh, Dark Pink/Cream - KRINGLE DESIGNS

10.5"x10yd Poly/Faux Jute Mesh, Dark Pink/Cream SU35 ***ARRIVING SUMMER 2022***

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10.5"x10yd Poly/Faux Jute Mesh
Color: Dark Pink/Cream
Material: Poly Jute Mesh/White Cotton 

Use this poly/faux jute mesh to bring your next wreath creation over the top! This versatile mesh is easily adaptable to any display you see fit; colored in dark pink/cream, it will undoubtedly look stylish in any scenario! Add this mesh to a work wreath, garlands, swags, or even trees to wrap your home decor in style! Be sure to pair your mesh with a variety of ribbon and colorful tubing to show off your creative ingenuity!

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